The differences between our different Nano® ranges
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What is the difference between the Nano One® and Nano Light® ranges?

Our Nano One® range for motorcyclists and our Nano Light® range for runners and cyclists are both equipped with our nanofiltration technology. 

  • Nano One®: Adapted for use on motorcycles or scooters, the outer part of the mask is thicker and therefore more resistant to cold. Motorcyclists will thus have a better comfort in case of high speed, especially in winter. 

  • Nano Light®: Adapted for a more sporty use, the outside part of the mask is lighter and therefore more breathable. The reflective technology also makes it possible to be more visible on the road and ensures greater safety for cyclists and runners. 

We have chosen to open the range to allow us to meet the specific needs of each use.
There is no difference between the Nano Light® bike and running model, we have created a third theme as it will soon be replaced by a pedestrian and child model. This one will be created at the end of the year.