Effectiveness of the mask against the virus
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Is the mask effective against the virus?

Why would our mask be effective against this type of virus ? 

  • Our mask is capable of filtering particles up to 50 nanometers in size, which is even smaller than the particle size of covid-19. 
  • In addition to the filtration capacity, the hermeticity must also be taken into account : Indeed, according to the different face morphologies, your mask will be able to filter 99.98% of the ambient air, which will make it your most effective ally against the spread: we know for example that spittleballs are carriers of the virus.

Don't hesitate to visit Our Technologies page where you can find our hermeticity tests certified by an independent European laboratory: https://www.r-pur.com/pages/nos-technologies

Carry out the following barrier actions frequently (Source: WHO) : 
  • Wash your hands frequently 
  • Avoid close contacts 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 
  • Observe the rules of respiratory hygiene